Where is your heart?

I’m reading through this book with Carolyn (my awesome college roomie) called “Idols of the Heart.” Yesterday’s chapter basically said that our actions are what reveal where we’ve placed our hearts. Simple enough. But the more I thought about it and the further I read, the more I realized that really specifically, the actions and thoughts we don’t think about, the little ones that happen automatically, are often the most telling. The things I do when I think no one else knows reveal so much more about my heart and my character than the sweeping gestures that everyone gets to see. I think that’s what makes it even scarier.

In the deep dark places of my heart, there is no one else to hold me accountable, there is no one else who knows.

That being said, it is really wonderful for me to know that God sees and that He knows. In a way, the Bible ends up being a sort of mirror that helps me to hold myself accountable.

Whether or not you believe in God, knowing the standard to which you hold yourself makes a huge difference when trying to see who you really are. The joy of the human brain is that when I match it with intentionality, as slow as the going might be, I can move my priorities and my heart back to where I want them to be.

What do my actions and thoughts say that I value?
The opinion of others?
Being right all the time?

Where is my heart?