Into the Deep

In our married life so far we haven’t really seen any deep ends that we haven’t wanted to jump into. Metaphorically of course.

So when we decided to go to Dallas, it didn’t seem that crazy, just another step in the weird timeline of our together life.

As per usual, it’s been far to long since I’ve written, and (as always) I’ll be attempting to improve my track record. There are a few reasons I think it’s gonna be different this time. Hold onto your hats folks, big changes ahead.

First of all, probably the biggest change is that we decided not to go to grad school. Due to changes in motivation for going and realizing how much it would actually cost, we decided that it wasn’t the best thing for us to do at this point in time.  We’re starting to realize that DTS may have just been the impetus needed for getting us to Dallas in the first place, even if it wasn’t going to be a good long-term fit. For that we are grateful.

The other big thing is that neither one of us is working at a proper full time job.  I had one for about a week at a really great company with really awesome people, but the hours were 10am-9pm pretty much every day and it did nothing to help my creativity or my marriage, so I quit.

I started hard core looking for music students and found a very sweet lady who runs a music school and needed teachers, so between that, other private lessons, and other freelance work, I have the semblance of a career. Adam is also teaching in various places, and so we are both basically doing music almost full time.

(Where are those music major jokes now, Dad?)

In the time since coming here, we’ve met some really cool people.  We found a Japanese community, a ton of open mics with awesome musicians, and found places we are able to serve.

One of the places I’m especially excited about is Mosaic Family Services.  They serve refugees and victims of trafficking and they need volunteer ESL teachers.

Oh hey that’s something I can do. Once my schedule with teaching is ironed out I’ll be able to go there regularly.

Jumping head first into the deep end is super scary. 

We have had some nights where we look at each other and say “I have no idea what’s going to happen next.” or “How are we going to do this?” I can’t say everything just always works out with flowers and rainbows, and running after goals means making sacrifices in other ways (read: trolling craigslist for free furniture instead of just buying it at the department store and having it delivered straight to your house) and sometimes it’s hard not being around people and places that are familiar and beloved, but it’s definitely made us more flexible and more comfortable in uncertainty. I guess that’s not saying a ton for me, I still stress out over things I’m not sure about (I’m working on it) but it’s a lot less than it used to be.

So that was the short version of the story. At this point we have no idea what the future holds and we are okay with that.  We are both investing a lot more time in music and creating, we plan on becoming more active on social media, and hopefully through all of this we can make the world a little more beautiful.

Thank you for reading, we have some exciting things in the future!Into the Deep

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