Consuming Creativity

As a musician, I often think about creativity.  I  used to think of it as something that had to be generated from the inside, this magical ability that one has to be born with.  Something given to the elect. Lately, though, my thoughts on it have changed.  I see it as a skill that has to be developed and, if not wielded well, lost.  I am a consumer of creativity. I love reading books and listening to good music, but the creativity only comes back out in very specific forms.  I want it to branch out.  I want to be more creative in other areas.  If we aren’t careful, all we end up doing is sucking on the creativity of others. We gorge ourselves and never produce anything, slowly becoming more and more obese in it.  We are satisfied with sharing our latest favorite thing on Facebook, the video or music or piece of art that took countless amounts and energy to produce.  Am I really that person?  My encouragement to you and myself: feast on the creativity of others but don’t just stop there. Find ways to engage your creativity in new and interesting ways. Otherwise, you may find that in consuming the creativity of others, you’ve lost your ability to create.