America the…moderately attractive (Guest post by Adam Palmer)

A few things have changed in the past week or so…Lizbet decided to up and go to Thailand, leaving me with no option but to travel back to America for ten days.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  It has been great to be back, though a huge amount of my time so far has  been shopping for the wife and wasting a ton of gas driving to stores that no longer exist.  I thought Richland Mall was deserted before we left…it’s a graveyard now.

Anywho, just a quick update on how things were going in Japan before this here excursion.  (I know Lizbet will be posting soon on the Thailand trip, so I’ll leave it to her to give background on that).  The monthly bible studies at Hiroshima Jogakuin University have continued to be good.  The fact that people still come who came to the first one last year is encouraging.  I gave out a questionaire a couple months ago about some of the basic tenants of the faith: where did the earth come from, how many gods are there, who was Jesus, which religion to you follow…    The majority believed that Jesus was a great man and teacher but nothing more, that there are many gods, some of whom made the universe, and the earth’s origin was supernatural, though not necessarily from God or one particular god.  Most also put that the reason for their religion was tradition, and only one put that he had researched it and believed (though they were unnamed, the chaplain also did the survey…wonder who had studied?)

One of the bigger developments for me is that I preached my first sermon on the first Sunday of April.  You can find the video here.  It was an incredibly stressful day; not because of talking in front of people or not feeling up to the task, but because I felt the weight of what it meant to be up there.  It’s a unique opportunity, and as my dad reminded me over and over, not one to be taken lightly.

Tis all for now, I’ll let Lizbet bat clean up.  However, if you are reading this in the next few days or so, please pray for her, as she seems to be coming down with something…in her words she has flu-like symptoms.

Fall Out Boy – The Mighty Fall  (cover)