It’s the small things in life…

Some days I sit here and think “Am I really making a difference?”  I have so many students and not enough time to meet with them individually that I begin to wonder why I’m actually here. Then days like today happen.  I had the chance to meet with a third year student who wants to practice English so she can go live in England one day. Just to invest in her life and hear about her interests and what she wants to do was so fun and so fulfilling. By the end she and I were planning our next meeting, looking forward to hanging out again! It’s times like these that I  get really excited about my job.  I know that while I may not make a huge difference in every single student I come in to contact with, I definitely have an amazing opportunity to help a few in a really profound way.  I pray that I do not squander these opportunities but use them instead to bring God glory and maybe I’ll have the privilege to bring a few people closer to Him.


4 thoughts on “It’s the small things in life…

  1. Thank you for this post! Yes indeed, it can be the small things that make the greatest difference. I have been reading a book about student discipleship (“As You Go: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students”) and it definitely emphasizes one-on-one discipleship as the most effective, versus assembly-line Christianity. I am praying about and looking forward to how to incorporate discipleship at the school on Lingira Island. Thank you for serving there!

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