Getting Serious

We’re getting really into music, and we’ve been putting a lot of work into trying to produce good audio and video! Of course we are learning as we go, so we’ve definitely got a long ways before we’re pros at it, but that goal is definitely not out of reach. Here’s our latest video! Enjoy!

Justin Bieber – Bad Day (From Heartbreaker – Guitar and Violin Cover by The Last City)

Save Rock and Roll – Fall Out Boy ( Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Piano ) Cover by The Last City


Who doesn’t love karma?

Ok I don’t believe in karma, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend.  We have a couple of updates! First, our new website,, is updated and awesome!

Second, check out the OneRepublic – Counting Stars, Violin and Guitar Cover by The Last City!!

Third, I can finally post some video footage from our trip to Namibia. There will be more! This is from a really nice little charter cruise we did one morning with Catamaran Charters.

Fun Facts:
There are more seals in Namibia than people. About 2.5 million compared to 2.2 million.
Oysters in this part of the ocean grow over twice as fast as normal oysters because of the plankton rich Benguela current that runs through this area.
The dolphins are Benguela dolphins, the second smallest dolphins in the world.