The Adventures Continue…

Here we are, back in our little cafe doing quick internet things. I think it’s about time for a quick update (sorry, still no pictures…). We’ve actually managed to get quite a lot done while still relaxing. We discovered a Star Wars German Monopoly in the house that we’re staying in and have played about 7 games so far. Unfortunately Adam wins most of them. He’s ruthless. It was good practice for my (almost non-existent) German skills. We also went dune boarding on Saturday which was fun. We both went down about three times and were pretty worn out after that so we stopped and chilled on top of the dune for a while, watching the (crazy) people swimming in the ocean across the road (and let us not forget the naked blonde child playing in the sand. It wouldn’t be Namibia without the naked blonde child.). It was definitely nice and chilly. We’ve also been working a lot on music. We’ve recorded a couple of covers and originals and are trying desperately to upload the videos that we made for them. We haven’t really found anywhere with fast enough wi fi yet… But, as one of our friends pointed out to us, Namibia is a third world country. Yesterday, we went to the market, one of my favorite spots here. Last time I came to Swakop, I spent a lot of time there making friends and hanging out. A few of the guys definitely remembered me (although the fact that we’re Facebook friends probably helps) and so we got to catch up a bit. Then I showed Adam the art of haggling. I’m a little out of practice but we actually came away with what we wanted for about the price we started out with. It turns out I can actually be assertive when necessary. I have a pretty good strategy when going in to these things. I go in with a general idea of what I want, stroll around and look at everyone’s wares while getting prices for things that catch my eye. Let them know I don’t have any money with me. Leave them heartbroken as I go back to the house to make calculations and get the money. Come back and haggle to get the best prices possible. We made almost all the way through without any issues. There were several guys, however, who carve makalane nuts. We wanted to get a few and so we accidentally gave a few of them an inkling of hope and so we ended up with five different guys each carving one. It was quite a to-do. We’re going back today to jam with a couple of the guys. It should be fun. We’ll definitely get pictures of that. I think that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for updates!


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