Praise and Worship (Guest post by Adam Palmer)

Wow, it has been a while since we posted.  And this will be short and sweet.  Recently our church started recording and posting praise and worship, and once or twice a month, Lizbet and I lead.  Unfortunately she didn’t bring her violin last Sunday, so this is just myself and a few of the regulars at church.

Long story short, back in November one of our pastors, Pastor Kris, gave a sermon on the Israelites through one of the minor prophets (neither he nor I could remember the exact one…) and ended it with a brief challenge that not using our gifts for God’s glory is a sin.  So, through the conviction of the sermon and the challenge at the end, I went home and wrote a song, essentially from the perspective on the Israelites, who obviously strayed from God in major ways and felt His wrath as well as His grace.  Hope you enjoy…it begins at 8:00

Lord I have been surging deep into your fire
Pushing through the smoke and ash of everything I once desired
Cause there’s forgiveness in the very hand that struck me
Even for the lost, forgotten, you promised an end is coming

I’ve felt your mercy
But I’ve watched you destroy
I sowed in tears but, I’ll reap with joy

When I see your glory

Every shadow proves somewhere a light is shining
You were there til roads untraveled were nothing but a thought behind me
Lord, when I remember how eagerly you bore my sickness
I am crippled by the shame of how I could be so indifferent

When I’ve felt your goodness
And relentless grace
But my disillusion, will be replaced

When I see your glory

And when I’ve forgotten everything you did to tell me
I can never be more lost then when I try to prove you’ve failed me
And when I have questioned every single word about you
I still know there’s nothing for me, if I try to live without you

So I will scream your glory