Watching the Pieces Come Together (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

It seems the longer we are here, the longer the time between posts.  Probably because we aren’t nearly as bored as before. Things have been coming together finally, and share we must.

First of all, two weeks ago, I led my first monthly bible study on Lizbet’s campus, which was open to staff and students alike.  We had around 15 people come, many of whom had literally never heard the gospel before. Even after working at Bethel for years, I can’t remember ever actually being the first person to plant a seed in someone’s soul.

Second, we tried and are trying to start a weekly bible study with friends and co-workers, but with a bit less success.  At the first meeting, we only had one couple show up.  Us.  But we found a nice little Indian restaurant instead.  God works in mysterious ways?

The next week, we were joined by one of our friends and went to Mountain Worship, a primarily Japanese event started years ago by the current pastor of our church.  Basically an hour and a half of bi-lingual worship…nothing like hearing Blessed Be Your Name in Japanese, and realizing that even though you are trying to sing along with the Japanese, you are more or less humming indistinguishably.

Side note, well done Jarl.  I noticed recently that the cover of the book you gave us (Don’t Waste Your Life) is a picture from somewhere in Japan.  I had no idea of course when I first got it, but having studied Japanese a bit now, I recognized a few of the kanji.  Well played.

Another exciting part of life is, of course, having time to work on music.  (Insert shameless ploy to get you to buy our music on itunes).  We just got Tears up earlier this week.

More to follow soon from the wife…