Culture shock

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. We’ve been pretty crazy lately.  Work has gotten more intense and sometimes it feels like there’s barely room to breathe.  Coming home exhausted after staring at a computer screen all day means that there’s less energy to spend on Adam. It is also really exhausting to not hear or see anything in English ever.  The constant analyzing and attempted translation of Japanese can also leave us drained.

On the positive side, music has been going fantastically.  We have three singles on iTunes and are trying to put up a full EP soon.  We have good, solid friends that we can spend time with.  We continue to grow as a couple.  God continues to be good all the time.  We will try to get some more pictures and videos up soon! Thank you for your prayers and for your love, we appreciate it very much!


3 thoughts on “Culture shock

  1. Mom

    Glad to hear that you have out another song. Please send me the link to it. It was difficult for me to get to the first two. Ernest did it for me when he came home around the time that you all put the link on facebook for me. The songs were beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the new one.

    Missing you guys. Love you. Hope that work is going well for Adam, and that is it not as hectic for him, too.

      1. Mom

        Thanks, Lizbet. That worked. I will be downloading them later today. I just listened to the preview. Let’s set up another time for skype. Need to see you guys. Love you.

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