Upgrades (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

The great thing about getting married is that your friends and family make sure that you get most, if not all the essential things you need to start a home together.  The terrible thing about moving to the other side of the world six months later is that you only get two suitcases each.  The incredible thing about God is that He makes sure you still get what you need and more.

As Lizbet began to talk about earlier, Alex Mejia, a man at our church, works for the UN, and was recently relocated to Geneva.  He had been trying for years to get this post, but despite being the best qualified for the position, he was denied.  However, this year he finally got the job and left in late July to prepare, leaving his wife and three daughters to clear out the apartment here, a daunting task to say the least.  Lizbet offered to help but ended up busy with work, so I went to help this past weekend.  Long story short, Mrs. Mejia couldn’t take much with her but clothes, and God used her to bless us with an incredible amount of free stuff.

– 12 piece dining set, with plates, glasses, mugs, saucers and bowls

– tons of various kitchen utensils, bowl, colanders, and a pantry full of food and frozen goods

– a printer

– a few shelves and a dresser

– two large rugs

I could go on, but let’s be honest, we all prefer pictures

There are definitely challenges ahead, but God has left us with no reason whatsoever to doubt that He is here helpings us, blessing us, and providing for us.

PS (From Lizbet) I came home to a ton of stuff in the freezer, including snails (????) which I have no idea how to cook.  If anyone has any experience with them please let me know, I’d love ideas and advice. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Upgrades (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

  1. Mom

    Adam and Lizbet, I read the blog AFTER I sent Adam the two emails, but let me echo what I said there. Phil. 4:19. Isn’t it comforting to know that God keeps His promises, and that we can totally rely on Him?

    Snails?? Much success with those! Do you really want to eat snails? Grandmom Jones said, “Ugh,” when I mentioned you had snails. There should be some good recipes for snails online. Let us know how the preparing and eating of the snails turn out.

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