Opening doors (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

Over the weekend, I met a fellow musician here in Hiroshima and ended up scheduling a little jam session at my apartment today.  He, as well as Lizbet and I, is playing at the Sundance festival, so we got to talking and…before I go on, is that even good grammar?  Lizbet and I, and he…but the “is”?  Maybe “are”?  I’m sure Momma Lisa will set me straight. Anyway, we got to talking and somehow quickly delved into a deep spiritual conversation.  He began to divulge that he is Buddhist, or New Age, or a mixture, but ultimately believes that all religions are ok and that the main goal is just to be a good person and increase humanity’s morality overall.  Kinda nebulous ideas…but he ended by saying that we should all follow the sayings of Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus.  

So I took the chance to say that if we follow the sayings of Jesus, He said is THE way, THE truth and THE light….exclusive.  He took that with a grain of salt and said he had some stuff he wanted me to read.  We also made plans to continue the conversation later after I better understood his side. 

This situation presents itself as particularly interesting because just last night we had dinner at our pastor’s house.  He shared that Japan is considered the “missionary graveyard”…a place where opportunities to witness are prevalent, but there is seldom ever any positive response or movement.  Most missionaries come, and regardless of whether they join the efforts of others or try to forge their own path, they eventually die from lack of response and leave or just fizzle out.  

Granted the guy I jammed with isn’t native Japanese, but I felt particularly encouraged that within 24 hours of receiving such a negative assessment of the witnessing possibilities we might have, God gave me a great chance to share His truth.  Just pray that future conversations are filled with more of God’s truth and less of my intuition and knowledge.  


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