Oh boy (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

Mrs. Shakeela used to always joke that my year and a half at the daycare were preparation for something.  I used to always reply “yes, I’m going to be a great dad….five years from now”.  Now before things get out of hand and I get angry emails or surprise visits from irate mothers and CCF members, Lizbet is not pregnant.  What I was being prepared for seems to be more time in daycare.  And grateful as I am for a job, it presents a few challenges.  

First, there’s the push of the administration for me to be an extrovert.  I attended a staff meeting Friday, and apparently upset my future boss by not being more outspoken.  The two hour meeting consisted of one hour of reflection on some event that happened last month that I wasn’t a part of, twenty minutes of rearranging future summer schedules based on what worked this summer and the rest brain storming on what to change about a summer camp that happened last year.  Not much I could add there…

Second, there is exhaustion of having to bike up to 70 minutes to a school then find the energy to control and entertain three classes of up to 25 kids, sometimes single handedly, for 30 minutes each.  Oh yeah, they don’t speak english yet either.  

Third, scheduling conflicts.  The teacher I am supposed to be replacing had a full Saturday schedule.  Saturdays were and are the only day that Lizbet and I have even a chance of spending substantial time together.  So far, with no other conflicts, we have been able to spend Saturdays doing anything from hiking, to playing music, to singing karaoke downtown, to just sitting at the house playing cards and napping.  It has been really special and great to hang out with her (don’t tell her I got all sentimental and stuff) and I would hate to have to give that up.  I know someday I may have to, but I’m not ready to yet.  

Either way, when all is said and done, if it’s what God wants, I will trust His plan.  But hey, maybe His plan is to see how much I’m willing to fight for time with the wife…or maybe it is to see if I’m willing to sacrifice something that important to me for a job that might have more significant purposes right now for him.  We shall see…


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