Dear Jarl (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

Dear Jarl Hill,

I felt compelled to personally thank you for introducing me to Andrew Peterson.  Since the DC Talk days, I’ve had a bit of a hard time finding solid Christian lyrics.  I manage to stumble upon a great song here and there, but not many great or even good albums.  The album you gave me is definitely an exception.

On first listen, I wasn’t too intrigued, but I took your advice and really delved into the lyrics.  I was caught immediately by “In the Night”.  Quickly tther songs have slipped their way into my brain and I’ve found myself humming a few tunes.  Should you know of more well written music like this, please pass it on.  I’ve got nothing but time.

Thanks again,


PS  To anyone else who is reading this, here are a few examples of the great music of which I write.


One thought on “Dear Jarl (Guest Post by Adam Palmer)

  1. Mom

    Thanks, Adam, for giving me the name of the singer of a song that I heard two years ago and loved. Two Christmases ago, Sarah McKillop, Brian’s daughter sang the song “Labor of Love” at our church. The lyrics were absolutely beautiful, but I did not know the singer’s name. She did the song, again, this past Christmas, but once again, I did not remember the singer’s name (although Sarah gave it to me).
    After reading your blog, and listening to the examples that you included, I visited Andrew Peterson’s videos, and “Labor of Love” was one of them. He IS an awesome singer and songwriter. He is now among my favorite singers. I do like Christian singers who write songs from scripture and songs with substance. That’s why, as you know, I really like Casting Crowns, especially their song, “Glorious Day.”
    I recently heard a song entitled, “Redeemed,” by Big Daddy Weave that I really like. I think that you might like it, too. I emailed you the lyrics. God is doing and is going to do awesome things with you and Lizbet with music, especially with your writing of music.

    Love you, guys

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