The Call

Adam’s been posting a lot of stuff lately, so I figured I’d come in and add my two cents worth.  This one will be a bit more serious than my last few, though.  I’ll try to put in some fun pictures and a video to balance it out. 🙂

God has really been teaching us a lot since coming to Hiroshima.  We were told that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and being in a country where no one speaks our language with no community to start out with has definitely taken it’s toll. On the other hand, it has reallyhad its up sides.  Due to the lack of technology at our apartment, we have been forced to talk and interact with each other (fancy that!).  Because we are not constantly surrounded by people who we are familiar with, we are forced to turn to each other for community.  It has been a wonderful chance for us to become independent as a couple as well as chance for us to learn to rely completely on God and we have had some really sweet times of learning and fellowship with each other.

We have also been thinking a lot about the direction of our music.  We ended up having a huge discussion on Sunday night about the ways that we can use our music to start conversations about God.  We had a really great dinner with our new pastor, Kris, and his wife, Nahomi, as well as another guy from church, Tacha, last night and we were talking about how completely lost the city of Hiroshima is.  Tacha told us that besides the church and a couple of family members, he doesn’t know any Christians anywhere.  Even Buddhism and Shintoism are more for tradition than religious beliefs so, as a result, Japan is full of people who don’t have any hope or anything to believe in.  Pastor Kris told us that he’s been praying desperately for people to come and minister to the people of Hiroshima, and he believes that we are a specific answer to that prayer.   The more we talk with him and each other, the more we see the many opportunities that God has given us to be a witness.
For one, we have HJU, where I am working.  We’ve already had the opportunity to lead a chapel service there and Adam made sure that he preached the gospel straight from the Bible (Jarl told him explicitly before we left that he had better preach the gospel any time he got the opportunity.  It’s a good thing he listens!) .  We also now have the Southern Cross which is frequented by both ex pats and native Japanese. We ended up being quite a hit and we’re praying that this really helps us build relationships that will allow us to love the people the way Jesus would.  It is always amazing to me the way that God uses everything for His glory.  He’s taken us, an imperfect, broken couple, and he’s sent us to this place where He can use us to reach a lot of people.  It’s funny how these sorts of things work out.

4 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Mom

    We knew that God’s orchestration of your lives would definitely be a blessing in sealing your relationship with each other, and your leaning on and learning totally from God. We knew, too, that He would use you in dynamic ways. How quickly and powerfully He has not only provided for your needs, but also how beautifully He is using you, your gifts, talents and love for Him.
    It is so great to learn that Adam is already preaching the Gospel and is seizing every opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. Thank you, Jarl, for your words of advice, encouragement and admonition. Thanks, Adam, for being an obedience listener to the leading of the Holy Spirit from Jarl.
    We are blessed from how God is blessing and using you two, and we will continue to daily pray for you, your mission field there in Japan, how God is transforming the two of you more into His image, and how He is going to use you two to impact the world.
    Love you, guys.


  2. Stephanie

    Lizbet, I think this is my favorite post of yours yet. I’ll definitely be praying for you guys and as you both minister to people around you and learn from them as well. I’m glad you found a church, and I hope and pray that your church will be able to reach out to others in the community. I’m sharing your blog post with a friend I went to high school with.

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