An Ode to Five Fingers


About three weeks ago, Lizbet and I were aimlessly walking around Hondori aka downtown, trying to find somewhere just to sit and busk.  Lizbet happened to be wearing her Five Fingers, and we happened to pass an ex-pat who also happened to be wearing his Five fingers, and happened to know about a guy who happened to own a restaurant that happened to be restarting their live music that week and happened to need musicians.  So we went by, talked to the guy, got a chance to do a “warm up” set the next week for a bit, and the craziest thing happened.  People listened.

Now, in the states, this is rare enough.  But hey, we have played a lot of shows in the past, I mean we have a violin…that’ll grab some attention.  When the set was over, people were coming up and telling us how good they thought we were and a few promised to come back later, but I had heard that before in the States.

So July 1, 2012 rolls around and we go back for our scheduled follow up show and much to my surprise, there are more people than the first time.  People who I hadn’t even gotten to meet at the first show were there again.

Better yet, there happened to be a guy there who happened to put together events in Hiroshima and happened to need musicians for The Sundance Festival which happened to be coming up soon!!

It has been quite interesting how different pieces are sorta falling into place.  We got the new band website up (The Last City) and have been making all kinds of connections.  You’d almost think there was a Higher Being who was carefully orchestrating every step ahead of us…


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