New adventures!

The past few days have held a few firsts.  I finally got a bicycle so we have been riding all over the place.  It’s pretty exciting.  It was given to me second hand and so it was definitely in need of TLC but it pedals and that’s what’s important!  Riding down the hill from our apartment is actually pretty terrifying and I don’t quite reach the speed that Adam does… but mayhaps with practice it will get easier.  I’ve definitely almost hit multiple pedestrians, and once I fell off a sidewalk… while I think it’s true that one never forgets how to ride a bike, it’s definitely possible to be out of practice.

Sunday I met up with a friend of mine from Kenya to braid her hair.  Turns out I know how to do cornrows! That was pretty exciting, and slightly weird since I’m in Japan… that type of thing doesn’t happen much here.

Yesterday held a couple of adventures.  Because we don’t have a washing machine and we didn’t feel like lugging laundry up and down the hill, we washed our clothes in the bathtub.  I think it was successful.  Adam did most of it since I had to leave for work…

We tried okonomiyaki for the first time which was delicious.  What we didn’t realize what they used fish powder to season it.  Fortunately, I tasted it before Adam got too far into his… he ended up waiting while the nice man fixed another one.

Last night we went with the other new peeps to see “hotaru,” or fireflies.  I haven’t seen anything quite like it before.  They were a lot bigger than the ones in the States, and only come out for a short period of time.  They were quite magical.  Afterwards, we went to a little farmhouse for dinner and fortune cookies. The fortune cookies here are way more detailed than any I’ve ever had before.  It was quite a pleasant evening overall..



One thought on “New adventures!

  1. Mom

    Great blog, great adventures, especially with the new food and the fireflies. Aunt Sarah said that since they are so big, perhaps you can catch a lot of them, put them into a jar with holes in the top, and use them as lamps for your apartment. (smile) Rather ingenious, don’t you think?
    Great job with the cornrows. Perhaps you can teach me how to do that. Love your garden (rather neat ideas), and Adam washing clothes in the bathtub. Hmm! Would love to have seen that.
    Glad to know that after the experience with the “internal organs,” your experiences with Japanese food is getting better and tastier. You guys seem to be having a great time. GREAT!!!

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