The News at 12

On the Job front, I (Adam Charles Palmer the First) after two interviews have found part time work at the International YMCA.  Before we arrived, one of the teachers injured her foot and now requires surgery.  A normally routine surgery, but because of the language barrier, she prefers to have it done in the states.  I will be helping to pick up her class load.  Some days I will be watching kindergarteners as they play for free time, other days teaching conversational english to adults, and other days working as an assistant for the four’s teacher.  

Currently it is only part time, mainly because of my visa status (Spouse Visa = only allowed to work 20 hours a week), but come fall, I believe I have the option of picking it up full time.  We shall see…


2 thoughts on “The News at 12

  1. Mom

    Praise God! So very glad to hear that prayers have been answered. Sorry about the lady’s foot, though. We will continue to pray about a full time job, and pray for the lady’s surgery and recovery.


  2. Buz Kloot

    Funny you got a job looking after kids in that mix! Look forward to being in th states to take a look at the videos.

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