Over the hill part 2!


5 thoughts on “Over the hill part 2!

  1. Mama 'Lisa

    Adam, I am so happy for you. It would be so horrible if you actually had to use the restroom the same way that all of us lowly peons do.

    I am glad to see that Bethel is not the only place where you take people on adventurous walks not really knowing where you are going. I am equally glad that you got your wife back home safely.

    I am excited about the job and I am praying that you will love it and that God will bless you in it. Do you have any word on the Visa front? Have you started working yet?

  2. Oh the Visa…we went by the immigration office yesterday and got the paperwork in and all that jazz. I can start working either when the papers come back or the YMCA agrees to pay me in yen under the table.

  3. dad

    Interesting stuff. Lizbet, I was very successful in using cameron’s monopod as a stedicam, you may want to try that for a moving shot. There’s also a YouTube video for adapting a light tripod as a stedicam. Just saying.

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