Concerning food

We have many more important things to talk about, but one thing that I wanted to discuss a bit is food.  We have only been here a week and have had many experiences with food. We’ve eaten Japanese, Indian, Australian, and American.  We’ve experienced a couple of chain restaurants, and we’ve discovered that it is very important to know how to read labels.  For example, I let Adam go get lunch at the store the other day.  He came back with what he thought was surprisingly cheap chicken.  We mixed it with spaghetti and bit in excitedly to find that it was rather rubbery and decidedly not chicken.  Neither one of us was able to finish it, and when I asked the dear lady who has been our translator what in the world we were eating, she informed me that it was chopped up internal organs.  That put a bit of a damper on things. Thankfully, other than that we have managed to avoid anything too crazy… Anyway, I thought I would share some of that. In the video below, you can see Adam trying out the McDonald’s french fries. Surprisingly, the McD’s chicken actually looks and tastes like real chicken. It’s quite amazing.

While we have eaten out a number of times, I have also been cooking quite a bit.  There are lots of premade packets with things to mix with rice.  I also discovered that I could make rice pudding with leftover rice, and it turned out quite delicious.  I managed to make naan on our griddle although it wasn’t nearly as big as the real stuff but it was still pretty good.  Aaand now I’m done for real.



3 thoughts on “Concerning food

  1. Mom

    Internal organs, that must have been rather disgusting. Internal organs of what? How do the Japanese use internal organs? Hmm, seems like going to the store to buy food would have been a time that your interpreter would have gone with you to read the label and tell you what the foods were. Chalk it up to experience. Now that is one food that you know.
    I am glad that Adam enjoyed McD. I think McD is the same no matter where it is. I know that it was in China. What is naan? It looks rather good. Do you guys need a care package? (smile). Manna from Heaven? Just think, after two years, you both will be connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine. (smile)
    I am enjoying your blogs, pictures/videos, and your pictures on facebook. Japan seems to be a beautiful place.

    Love and miss you guys,

  2. Mama 'Lisa

    How are you doing Adam? (you too Lizbet, but specifically Adam). I am figuring that Lizbet is starting to have more to do at the school. Are you finding ways to stay busy? Mama

    1. Well, I’m finding stuff to do. The fact that it takes almost an hour to walk anywhere kills a lot of time. I know you heard about the job, but that doesn’t start for a while cause of paperwork. I figure we all have that long list of things we would do if we had the time (read, study another language, yoga, learn levitation, play guitar, work out, make paper mache replicas of Star Wars characters) so I’m trying to knock some stuff off of that list. Oh yeah, and more youtube than can be considered healthy.

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