All things new

Remember when you were a little kid and you weren’t always really sure what was going on or what to do or how things worked? That’s how we feel at the moment.  Fun new experience of the day… yesterday we tried to use the washing machine (see the video if you want to know what it looks like) and after being washed three times our clothes are currently being dried a little at a time in the drier.  I’m not actually sure if it’s working or not though, I have to go check on them as a matter of fact…

They weren’t dry… just hot and soggy… that’s ok though…

In other news, we went apartment hunting yesterday and found a place to live! It’s about five minutes walk from the university (up a really steep hill…) and the university will pay for half of the rent each month.  It’s a beautiful little place with an amazing view.  I’ll definitely be drying clothes on the balcony… I took some video of that as well!

As for the church, I thought I’d expand a little on how exciting it is that we found it.  Some of the things we were really hoping for besides, of course, the necessities (Bible-based, some form of English service or translating), we were hoping to find a place that would allow us to be a part of their music ministry.  Adam also really wanted to have somewhere over here that he could play drums.  On Sunday we were enthusiastically invited to be a part of the praise and worship, and the head pastor said that we would be able to come to the sanctuary any time during the week to use the drums, grand piano, or wifi! There are also couples from different walks of life and of different ages, they have a deaf ministry (Japanese sign language is pretty different from ASL but I’m pretty sure I can pick up a little bit), and they even have a gospel choir which sings in English and Japanese!  I got some video of that as well.  It’s pretty fabulous to sing “Hallelujah, You’re Worthy” in English while the rest of it is in Japanese.

This is pretty incredible to me.  I know that God gives us the things that we need, but it amazes me how surprised I am when He answers my prayers so specifically, especially because I’m not exactly a prayer warrior and have so far to go in my relationship with Him.  I hope that He is able to use Adam and I, wretched though we are, to do good things in this church and community because, as Adam said, this place needs a lot of loving.  I think that’s about it for now… below are more pictures and a video for your entertainment!


5 thoughts on “All things new

  1. Mom

    “And my God shall supply all your needs according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:19 That is one of the verses that I put into your scrapbook, and it is such an amazing blessing to see how clearly and beautifully God is orchestrating you’ll lives. How beautifully He is keeping His promise to supply ALL that you’ll need and so quickly. In six days, he has provided church, praise and worship team, apartment with half of the rent being paid for you, a heart for the Japanese people, and some interesting experiences.
    Dear sweet, Lizbet, I am a prayer warrior, and He is honoring my prayers for you. He is going to use you and Adam, not to do just good things there, but to do extraordinary things.
    His plans are already in progress, and they will be as much of a blessing to you and drawing you two closer to Him as it will be a blessing to the people of Japan.
    You and Adam are in store for two extraordinary years in Japan. Wow! What an adventure it is going to be.
    Love you, guys. Mom

  2. Mama 'Lisa

    Finally a chance to get on the computer! I have to compete for time with the boys and their games. “MaMa ‘Lisa” has been keeping me updated, but it was exciting to read your posts for myself to get a sense of what is going on, all that God is doing, and how you two are making out. I have been amazed at all that has happened in such a short time. I am so excited about your church (a CCF choir song, really?!) and opportunities to be involved with the worship there. Now that is God for you. Finding a nice apartment with a view and having half of the rent burden picked up by the University (God!). I have been especially touched by the insights you have shared about the people there, and the heart of discernment and compassion that the Lord is already putting in you.
    Adam, I was deeply moved by your sharing about how you can relate to some of the relational dynamics with the Japanese people because of your own nature and personality. I believe that God will use your personal insight and understanding in profound ways. I also wanted to say that I really admire your courage and audacity in challenging “MaMa ‘Lisa’s” word on the whole thumbs thing. I’m her mother, and I approach questioning her word on most matters with trepidation and great caution. I planned to warn you right away, but alas, before I could get time on the computer, the die had already been cast. All I can say at this point is good thing for the 7000 mile distance on that one! Lizbet, I miss you so very much. Keep expecting your smiling face to show up somewhere even tough it’s been such a short time. Love you both and can’t wait to see what God continues to do in and through you for his glory and name’s sake. “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you…making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. It is right for me to feel this way about you…because I hold you in my heart…” “Miss Libby”

  3. Gloria Jackson

    Precious Two, I am so glad to know and see how things are going with you all. Computer technology is amazing. But, take no thought about how to get that washer/dryer thing going. I can send you a nice new old fashioned scurb board that should do the trick. I do miss seeing you Lizbet but I know your love for the Lord and His love for you and Adam. So, I believe that the time will fly and you both will be back home before you know it, unless HE has other plans. The Lord’s continued blessing on you two as you glorify Him in all that you do. Ms Gloria.

  4. Anna M.

    Lizbet it sounds like the two of you are having quite an adventure over there!
    I’m we all get to spend some time together in August. I’m really looking forward to my trip. I’m going to be looking to you two for some advice 😉

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