The Truth

I feel the burden of providing perspective for the sunshine and roses that the wifey fills this blog with.  Yes, there have  been answered prayers.  But there have been moments…these small realizations that have rocked me to my core.  

We have spent hours walking around aimlessly downtown, and during one such trek, it occurred to me…Matt Damon is everywhere.  Whatever that “We Bought a Zoo” movie is, apparently it resonates with the Japanese.  On a DEEP level.  But as much as love Matty D., I would gladly trade him in for Christian Bale.  But there isn’t a Dark Knight Rises poster in sight.  No Imax.  Not even a theater so far.  Just trailers on youtube…

Jarl Hill ruined “Your Mercy is Falling” forever.  There will never be a performance of that song to rival the jubilant conviviality he created with it at Bethel.  Many have tried.  I watched yesterday as one such hopeful fellow made his attempt.  A primal anger burned in my heart…not at him, but at Mr. Hill for setting the bar too high for any worship leader, myself included, to ever do that song justice.  Yes, worship is worship…but Jarl took the first fruits of that song and all else is a tainted lamb.   

One moment that will forever bring me joy, though, occurred as we deboarded the plane.  For the entirety of our 12 hour flight, a small Japanese child insisted on being a child.  Redundant yes, but his parent also insisted on letting him be a child.  Loudly.  Eventually even a stewardess came over and reprimanded the boy.  Five minutes later, he was back at it, jumping in his chair, wailing loudly, bantering on about nothing.  Or maybe something quite profound, I can’t say, I don’t know Japanese.  But eventually, near the end, I managed to catch his gaze.  And as he looked deeply into the eyes of a stranger, i saw a fear and wonder grow in him.  A fear I have come to appreciate in others. And all was quiet.  


3 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. Mama 'Lisa

    Thanks for the perspective. What would we all be without a glimpse into your thoughts. I hope that you will continue to share so that our view will not be one sided. Mama

    P.S. I’m sorry that you fell victim to the evil plot that is Bethel worship. Don’t be surprised though if you find that primal anger rising in your heart when you hear other songs. It’s just the way we planned it. ; ]

  2. Mom

    Yes, Adam, I agree with Mama Lisa, thanks for your perspective. It was good to see you writing a blog, and it is good to get a complete picture of Japan, from both sides. AAH, my dear one, Japan is not America-sorry there are no theatres, etc., but Japan has its own offerings that I am sure you will come to enjoy and appreciate.

    The ADAM stare! That poor Japanese child will probably be damaged for life. (smile). Good practice for your own little ones in the future.

    BTW, Mama Lisa was correct about the “Thumb” explanation, so eloquently given. Sorry, son, hopefully you’ll get her the next time. Love you, Buddy.

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