Welcome to Hiroshima!

I’ve come to the conclusion that our neighbors will hate us.  Here we are in Hiroshima, two loud Americans, in a country that holds being polite higher than pretty much anything else ever.  Adam says he’s quiet.  Then he starts playing his guitar and singing at the top of his lungs. We stick out like sore thumbs (or green thumbs, according to him.  I think I’m right).  But we’re here and that’s what matters.

The days before we left were, as I’m sure you can imagine, extremely hectic.  We were packing and moving and storing things up until the night before we left.  The plane rides were fairly uneventful up until the last one.  I specifically remember being on the way to the Charlotte airport and saying something about Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will.  So, of course, our plane arrived into Tokyo late, our luggage was the last onto the conveyor belt, and we had to check all three instruments onto the plane and pay extra for them since we were already at our luggage limit.  I was tired and freaking out and trying to hold it together and failing.  Adam managed to stay calm and collected.  We got to Hiroshima all in one piece (that goes for our instruments as well) and were taken to a lovely guest house on the university campus.   We ended up getting some food in a little convenience store about five minutes down the road.  Everything came in small portions and seemed rather expensive.  Between the walking and food I suspect we will both lose quite a bit of weight.

Yesterday I was given a short talk about various documents that I’d have to fill out and told that we will begin apartment searching on Monday.  Then, Adam and I went exploring.  We ended up walking for a quite a long time.  We walked towards the downtown area and got some Italianish food at a tiny little restaurant.

I discovered that eating pasta with chopsticks is in fact quite a difficult feat.  A lot of time was spent outside buildings trying to connect to wi fi with no success.  I almost got run over by bicycles multiple times because I was looking at something and didn’t notice Adam’s frantic “Move!” until it was almost too late.  All in all, though, it was quite a successful day.  We’re beginning to learn basic words and hopefully we will soon be able to carry on simple conversations.   That’s all for now…


Some of the gas stations had the pumps hanging from the ceiling…

Hiroshima Jogakuin University


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Hiroshima!

  1. Mama 'Lisa

    What a great adventure! Love the video. By the way, Adam, it is definitely sore thumb – green thumbs are good at growing plants. These are areas where it is good to listen to your wife (still Mama ‘Lisa – even 7000 miles away). Love you guys and thanks for allowing us all to join you on your journey. Mama

      1. Mama 'Lisa

        I’m sorry, I must have misread did you say that I am wrong. I hope you really enjoyed that good feeling, because trust me it will not last and when you fall it will be hard. But don’t worry, I still love you.

        green thumb 
        an exceptional aptitude for gardening or for growing plants successfully: Houseplants provide much pleasure for the city dweller with a green thumb. (taken from Dictionary.com – you can look it up.)

        What is sticks out like a sore thumb?
        It just means it’s very noticeable. It is typically used as a negative or sarcastic remark. For example, “His inappropriate manner of dressing sticks out like a sore thumb.” (found on wiki.answers.com – you can look it up, too).

        Perhaps before calling someone such as myself wrong and then gloating over it you should do a little more research and be quite certain of your correctness.

        Now if you believe that I am wrong about listening to your wife, then we have a whole other issue and I will let you know if you need to fly back for immediate intervention. But I am quite sure that is not what you had in mind, because I know that you are a great husband and that you welcome any and all advice on how to nurture and develop a healthy relationship with your wife.

        You can talk to Lizbet about the course of action that I am taking in response to my deep concern for your emotional and mental well being. Just don’t forget that I love you. Mama

        P.S. At least you were right about Michael Jackson.

  2. Stephanie

    Hi Lizbet and Adam! I’m glad you guys made it safely to Hiroshima. I will be there for the Global Peace Studies Seminar in August, so I look forward to learning about the city through your blog before I go. I will be flying by myself into Hiroshima (the rest of the group will be flying another day). I can’t wait!


  3. Carolyn T

    Yay yay yay!!! So glad you made it there in one piece 😀 And that Adam kept his calm :] Love you bunches!!

  4. Denene Palmer-Mom

    Adam and Lizbet, Thanks for sharing in such details, pictures and video. I am sorry that you had to pay for all three of your instruments, especially after having already paying $250 here in America. Thankful that they all got there in one piece. Hey, pictures of where you are staying until you get an apartment??

    Looks like you all are already having fun. Love you, two.

  5. Grandmom Doris

    Thank God that you got there safely. Pray that God will take care of you while you are there. Love you and miss hyou.

  6. Mr. Jackson

    Thank God that you arrived safely to Japan. Thank God that you found a church so quickly, and I am sure that God will take care of you, and that you will be great ambassadors for God’s kingdom. We love you, and we will be in touch with you from time to time.

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